The Top 8 Aphrodisiac Foods

The Top 8 Aphrodisiac Foods Are you suffering from a low libido? If so, have you considered whether or not you are eating the ri...

The Top 8 Aphrodisiac Foods

Are you suffering from a low libido? If so, have you considered whether or not you are eating the right kind of foods? It doesn’t all have to be about healthy food (although it’s always a good idea to have a balanced diet). Fortunately, some of the foods with the greatest aphrodisiac effect also happen to taste great too!
There are numerous foods that have been said to have an effect on libido but here’s what we think are the top 8 and what it is that makes them work:
1. Krachaidam
Native to Thailand, this herb is used by men for its remarkable libido boosting effect. Its complex chemical structure works in a way that modern science has yet to fully understand and has only recently become known to the western world. Getting hold of any won’t be easy though, and it can be expensive, but only a small amount is required for a significant increase in sexual performance.
2. Tongkat Ali
Known in Asia for many years for its potent aphrodisiac qualities, the root from this plant is even said to rival many of the synthetic remedies for impotence and erectile dysfunction. It also has numerous other health benefits and is used by bodybuilders as a natural way to boost testosterone.
3. Oysters
Most of us have probably heard that Oysters will increase your libido. They help to raise your zinc level which in turn will cause testosterone production to increase. Not only that, they are also a great source of protein. On the down side they are quite expensive and should only be purchased from a reputable retailer with access to fresh stock.
4. Chocolate
There is a good reason why most of us love chocolate. Pure chocolate that contains a high level of cocoa mass causes a natural good feeling and triggers the release of dopamine into your body. Dopamine it good for all of us in the right quantities and gives us a general sense of wellbeing
5. Coffee
Enjoyed by millions of us every day around the world, it is primarily the caffeine in these beans that gives us an energy boost and focuses the mind. Relatively cheap and readily available, a cup of the black stuff might be just what you need to boost your libido, especially when combined with other natural performance enhancing herbs. Try not to drink too much though; excessive amounts in one go is not good for you!
6. Honey
No wonder it is considered the nectar of Aphrodite, the Greek God of beauty and love.
Honey contains a magic ingredient that is known as boron, and similar to other cures for impotence, it can help to increase testosterone levels and boost your libido. It tastes great too but make sure you buy real honey and not some cheap and processed alternative that might try and pass itself off as the real deal.
7. Avocado
Did you know that the word ‘avocado’ literally means ‘testicle tree’ in the Aztec language. Avocado is a great aphrodisiac food and has increased in popularity in recent years. It tastes great in fresh guacamole and has been proven to be a great brain food. Its sexual enhancing properties as an aphrodisiac have been well known for quite some time but not everybody agrees. Some reports suggest the effects on libido are negligible, if they exist at all. I guess it all depends on the individual but definitely worth trying.
8. Champagne
We all behave differently to alcohol but Champagne is the one that seems to provide an aphrodisiac effect
greater than any other. The science behind it suggests it’s the bubbles that make the alcohol enter the blood stream more quickly and therefore alter perceptions in our brain. However it works we still love it even if it is a bit on the expensive side!

Are there any other foods that you think should be included in this list? Let us know what it is and what kind of effect its had on your life.

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